Eight Million euros for the Coronavirus Emergency from the Methodist and Waldensian Churches

On March 19th the Methodist and Waldensian churches, (in collaboration with their social, educational and cultural organisations) declared their full commitment and solidarity with those effected by the Coronavirus (in the life of the country and in all its elements, with a particular attention towards the most vulnerable and marginal realities).

Given the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, the Tavola Valdese has made the decision to give 8 million euros from the fund of the “Otto per mille”, allocated annually to the Methodist and Waldensian Churches, to assist those effected by the COVID-19 (including those socially and financially effected). A special fund has thus even created for this purpose.

The Tavola Valdese will carefully evaluate the needs of those effected in 2 ways. The first is focused on immediate and urgent needs, especially in the health sector, on which many resources are generously made available by individuals, foundations and other charitable organizations and for which therefore, we must give special attention to the evolution of the situation (especially in those areas of the country that appear more fragile and less equipped to cope with the emergency). The second line concerns the long term needs which will last beyond the emergency. This element will consider the unforeseen aspects, including: exclusion and impoverishment in which those most exposed to the consequences of the prolonged blockade of productive activities and social support networks will plummet and the choices of redistribution of human and financial resources imposed in recent months by the measures taken to stop the contagion.

“si muoveranno lungo due direttrici: la prima è concentrata sui bisogni immediati e urgenti, soprattutto di tipo sanitario, su cui stanno già confluendo molte risorse generosamente messe a disposizione da singoli, fondazioni e altre organizzazioni benefiche e rispetto ai quali si vuole, quindi, mantenere l’attenzione sull’evoluzione della situazione, soprattutto in quelle zone del Paese che appaiono più fragili e meno attrezzate a fare fronte all’emergenza. La seconda direttrice riguarda le necessità della ripresa oltre l’emergenza, considerando ciò che ancora non si vede: le voragini di disagio, esclusione e impoverimento nelle quali precipiteranno le categorie sociali più esposte alle conseguenze del blocco prolungato di attività produttive e reti di sostegno sociale e delle scelte di redistribuzione di risorse umane e finanziarie imposte in questi mesi dalle misure adottate per frenare il contagio”.

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