Staunen 2018

Staunen! 2018
May 9-13
Das Glaubensfestival an Himmelfahrt 2018

Four days at Dünenhof Cuxhaven. Vier Tage auf dem Dünenhof Cuxhaven.
For all who long for God and for a broad horizon.
Für alle, die Sehnsucht haben -nach Gott und einem weiten Horizont.
You set my feet in a broad place Du stellst meine Füße auf weiten Raum.

For children, young people and adults from all over Europe. In German, English and other languages.
Für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene aus ganz Europa.In Deutsch, Englisch und weiteren Sprachen.

The programme:
Staunen! 2018 is expecting 1,000 participants from the whole of Europe.
Each morning begins with multi-generation worship, testimony and sharing for all. This will be followed by the children’s programme, while the youngsters and adults will have a choice between 13 Bible studies followed by 70 Staunen groups.
Diversity prevails here not just in terms of language but also in the range of activities, from the traditional presentation via hands-on crafts, open-air Bible studies and bibliodrama.
Everyone will be working on the same Bible text and can then report about their different experiences in the Staunen! groups.

There will be a choice of 48 workshops in the afternoon. Alternative activities include a trip to Bremerhaven to take a look at the Climate House, the German Emigration Centre or the German Maritime Museum. Or you can choose from a number of sports, or simply relax, and the beach is also not far away. Transport will be provided in each case by the festival bus service.

In the evening we then all come together again: we will be listening to each other, celebrating and simply enjoying being together – all with God’s blessing.
The focus on Saturday afternoon will be on outreach by celebrating an open-air worship service on the beach, to which we will also be inviting the people of Cuxhaven.
Our hope and prayer for this long weekend is that God will refresh and re-equip us to send us out once more in His name. We also hope and pray that we experience what it means to be an integral part of a diverse church family that extends from the Agave to the Ural, from North Cape to Sicily. ThInformation updates about who else will be at the Festival e same diversity will also be reflected in the colourful mixture of staff, singers, helpers, praying people

Registration and accommodation
The Festival from 9 to 13 May 2018 costs €50 for adults, €30 for youngsters; children up to the age of 12 are our invited guests, i.e. they attend for free!
How can we make this price possible? By lots of voluntary work, donations and great faith! We thus hope that no-one will be prevented from taking part on account of the costs.
On top of the festival fee comes the costs for food and accommodation. All prices of accommodation are for 4 days. Board and lodging at Dünenhof itself is a complete package.
For people staying in Haus Sahlenburg, in Stella Maris, on the camp site or for those arranging their own accommodation, meals in the large catering tent can be booked in addition. There’s a discount of up to 100% for children, depending on their age.

For more information about the accommodation and the catering possibilities, please go to
The booking section will be online from 1 March 2017.
Welcome Registration

It all began with a North German initiative back in 2015, already inspiring a great many people; in 2018, the whole thing is moving onto a European scale.
Staunen!2018 is expecting 1,000 participants from the whole of Europe.
Organised in cooperation with the European Methodist Council, the Festival will be taking place from 9 to 13 May, 2018. The objective however remains the same: to share faith and join with others to experience the presence of God.
2015 already showed us that Dünenhof is the ideal venue, so we have great expectations for 2018! There’ll be a bigger tent, there’ll be a wider range of accommodation, and yes, some things will be more complicated. Getting 1,000 people to Döse for the OpenAir worship service on the beach is sure to be a challenge, but we are also confident that we will experience so much „more“ in terms of spiritual encounters.
The Adult Education Mission, the Mission Department, the Mission for Women, the Wesley Scouts and the North German Youth Camp are all getting involved, together with speakers and participants from more than 20 countries.
German and English will be our festival languages, together with translations and events in many other languages, to make the diversity complete!
Online registrations with all the various accommodation possibilities will go live on as from 1 March 2017.
But we recommend that you register for our festival as soon as possible because when it comes to accommodation and also ingeneral, the Ascension weekend is peak season in Cuxhaven and things get booked upvery quickly.
The Staunen! team has been busy for more than twelve months now to prepare this long weekend as well as possible. We have one request: please start now already to pray for the Festival and all the preparations. After all, everyone will have great expectations of this weekend.
Will you be joining us?