Fund for Mission in Europe

FMiE Projects

The Fund For Mission in Europe was established in 1990 against the backdrop of the fall of the Iron Curtain and the rapid growth of Methodist mission in former Soviet countries. Now, it works all across Europe, providing support to exciting projects which seek to reinvigorate existing churches or start new work. However, it’s not just a one-way relationship; FMiE recognises that all churches have something to share – stories, experiences, finances, a spiritual life, cultural heritage, and more – and seeks to enable of these to be shared widely.

New Church Development in Albania

The UMC in Albania currently consists of three congregations – one in the remote mountain village Bishnica in the southeast of the country, one in the city of Pogradec, close to the Macedonian border and one in Albania’s capital Tirana. The leaders of these congregations aim to ‘translate Methodism into Albanian’ and to combine both: to share the Gospel and to address the challenges of today’s society appropriately and effectively.